Upload products

On this page you will learn how you can upload new products on Obolify and what you should consider
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What you need for a product upload:

  • Product name
  • At least one picture of the product
  • A previous uploaded shop
  • The price of the product
  • The available quantity of your product
  • Your shipping rate
  • A longer description of the product

How to proceed and what you should note

A product upload is pretty straight forward and there's nothing special to consider, you can fill out the form step by step.

Explanation of the input fields

  • Images: upload pictures of your product here. If you sell a digital product, select some screenshots
  • Title: the name of your product, it should be short and memorizable
  • Categories: the categories which describe your product best. Choose up to 3 categories and your your product will be visible in these categories at discover products. It will also be recommended in other products of this category
  • Shop: select the shop in which this product should be selled in
  • Custom product link: here you can modify the link to your product. For example, if you enter 'hoodie', your product will be available via obolify.com/product/hoodie
  • Variants: click the button to open the variant popup. You can add as many Variant Sets and nested variants as you want. When you're done, click the 'Save' button to save your variants
  • Price: enter the price of your product here. If you offer variants, enter the price of the cheapest one, this price will be visible on the product page
  • Quantity: limit the available quantity of your product if you want to
  • Discount: enter a optional discount here. This value will be calculated in % (e.g. when you enter 5, the product will have a discount of 5%). Entering a discount is strongly recommended as it motivates customers to order your product
  • Shipping: choose if you offer free shipping or not. Also enter your shipping rate if you demand one
  • Regional restriction: here you can specify if you want your product only to be available for users in a certain radius around your shop's location
  • Keywords: keywords for your product. These are used for search engines like Google to better find your product
  • Description: here you can describe your product more detailed and enter all of its features. This text will be visible on the product page


  • Upload at least 4 product images, so the customer can have a first impression of your product
  • Use product images with a transparent background, so your product page looks awesome in dark mode
  • When entering a description, we recommend using at least 400 words, so you can point out all details and special features. In addition, your product page looks filled out and elaborated
  • Offer a discount to stand out from your competitors and motivate customers to choose your products