Upload shops

On this page you will learn how you can upload new shops on Obolify and what you should consider
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What you need for a shop upload:

  • Shop name
  • Logo of your shop
  • Location of your shop
  • Imprint of your shop
  • Terms of your shop
  • Right of withdrawal of your shop
  • Shipping conditions of your shop
  • A short description of your shop
  • A longer description of your shop
  • Payment details for this shop

How to proceed and what you should note

Fill out the form step by step. If you already have an online shop, you can link it with Obolify. Make sure you have access to a file upload system on your shop to verify that you are the owner of this shop. After entering a link to the shop, you will be asked to download a file and upload it to the server of your shop to verify it.

Why you have to enter payment details and what you should note

We need your payment details so we can send you your money if a customer orders one of your products. Obolify partnered up with Stripe to provide a safe and easy payment stream. After you fill out the main upload form, you will be redirected to Stripe and complete the setup there. When everything is filled out there, you will be redirected back to Obolify.

Explanation of the input fields

  • Logo: the logo of your shop. Please make sure the logo has enough pixels to offer a high-quality shop page
  • Name: the name of your shop, it should be short and memorizable
  • Categories: the categories which describes you shop best. Choose up to 3 categories, your shop will be recommended in shops of the same category
  • Shop link: the URL to your existing online shop. This link has to be verifed afterwards
  • Social Media: you can enter your social media usernames for your shop here, the respective links will be displayed at the shop page
  • Keywords: keywords for your shop. These will be used by search engines like Google to better find your shop
  • Short description: describe your shop in a few words. This text will be visible on the shop card in the overview
  • Description: here you can describe your shop more detailed and point out some aspects. This text will be visible on the shop page
  • Shop location: enter the location of your shop here. This location will be displayed on a map in the shop page afterwards. If you only have an online shop, enter the same location as in the imprint.
  • Custom shop link: here you can modify the link to your shop. For example, if you enter 'cool', your shop will be available via obolify.com/shop/cool
  • PayPal E-Mail address: the E-Mail address of the PayPal account you want to be paid out if someone orders one of your products via PayPal
  • Currency: select which currency you want to use for this shop
  • Billing address: the formal address of the company or person which runs the shop. This field is also required for transactions
  • Imprint: the imprint of the shop, please make sure that your legal texts are correct
  • Shipping conditions: the shipping conditions of this shop, please make sure that your legal texts are correct
  • Right of withdrawal: the right of withdrawal of your shop, please make sure that your legal texts are correct
  • Terms: the terms of this shop, please make sure that your legal texts are correct


  • When entering a description, we recommend using at least 400 words, so you can describe some details and a possible history of this shop. In addition, your shop page will look more filled out and elaborated